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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 2, 2017 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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hi hey i'll take one of those new fast play games. sexually assaulted. her attacker are teenagers too. the news starts in 30 seconds. philadelphia. this is fox 29 news at 10:00 a young girl grabbed on the
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street, abducted and assaulted. just 13 years old. the accused is enough to send a chill down your spine, police are looking for a group of teenage boys, fox 29 brad sattin has the breaking details. brad? >> reporter: a terrible story this happened late this afternoon, police leaving the scene a short time ago. property behind me has been vacant years, kids have apparently, according to neighbors been breaking in for months. >> it's scary because i got kids. >> reporter: neighbors asked us not to identify them but they tell similar stories about the. despite the boarded up winds and doors, kids are getting inside. >> they find a way to get in. as a matter of fact i came home and i seen one of the kids trying to pull a board off the window. >> it's just the kids. they run in and out of the house. >> by the time the police get
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here, the kids is gone. >>reporter: this time it wasn't a calls of kids trespassing but one of sexual assault. police say before 5:00 tonight a 13-year-old girl was grabbed walking down the street and pulled into this abandoned property and attacked >> these children come into that vacant building and cause all kind of ruckus and a 13-year-old girl assaulted. >> reporter: a group of teens between 14 and 17 have been regularly breaking into the building and into occupied homes over the past several months. >> my husband and i caught somebody coming through our kids' bedroom window and we had to reenforce the doors and windows. >> the juveniles are out of control. >> reporter: that 13-year-old girl was taken to saint christopher's hospital last check she was in stable condition. special victims unit investigating iain so far, no arrests in the case. >> brad, thank you. in north philadelphia, a man is in critical condition tonight after being shot several times in the stomach. it happened just after 5:00 on
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the 1800 block of north taney street. he was taken to hahnemann and no arrests as of yet. some drivers who use the roosevelt boulevard are feeling concerned. uneasy after a murder police say someone opened fire along the boulevard shooting and killing a man and police are trying to figure out if random or targeted. sabina kuriakose is live in philadelphia police headquarters with more information. >> reporter: as you can imagine, neighbors are incredibly upset this happened. such a busy stretch of roadway. philadelphia homicide detectives were back out at the scene earlier this afternoon. canvassing for any eyewitnesses, but tonight, they have no suspects, and no motive: sunday night philadelphia homeless detectives working to solve a mystery along roosevelt boulevard a driver gunned down as he sat waiting at the traffic light on summerdale avenue before 6:00 in the morning, an eyewitness who asked us not to
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identify him says he heard a gun being fired, but didn't realize it was happening, in the middle of the intersection. >> it was about five shots. i didn't know where they were coming from, because i didn't see anything. so there was like a white car. some type of a hatchback. newer model. at the light at somerdale. made a right-hand turn. for some random >> i found out later they shot him. >> reporter: man murdered was 39, after being shot he drove across the six lanes of the boulevard before crashing into a fence around friend's hospital. investigators surrounding the bullet ridden car. tying up traffic. as they picked shell casings off the roadway. >> minutes later, there was a lot of the cars here. police. >> reporter: the witness said after the gunfire. the alleged shooter simply
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turned and continued southbound down route 1. police have made no arrests and they haven't found a weapon. neighbors tell us they don't know of any surveillance cameras near the heavily trafficked intersection. >> you wouldn't think that somebody would attempt to kill someone. you don't know what's going on. you don't expect that. something like that is really to that degree it's never happened here. very sad. >> reporter: again, police have not said yet whether they believe this was a random attack on an unsuspecting driver. or whether a targeting shooting. if you think anything, call homicide detectives to east oak lane where an investigation continues into a fatal apartment fire. firefighter to say got to this scene on the 6300 block of north 10th street just before 4:00 tonight. that is when they found the lone victim inside the region si house apartment building.
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they don't know yet what started the fire. in west philadelphia, firefighters had to rescue someone from a row home tonight. fire officials say a fire broke out on the 4,000 block of reno street around 5:00. they were able to get someone out of the house, not hurt. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. take a look at the overturned tanker truck that's got eastbound lanes of the atlantic city expressway still shut down in the area. new jersey state police say traffic is being diverted around that accident. it happened around 1:00 this afternoon and lanes are still closed. no one was seriously hurt. for a look at what's on your radar tonight and let's hope you'll be able to enjoy time outside, severe weather could cause problem ways start of your work week, what can we expect rain again, kathy >> couple rounds of rain, we're talking about not one but two opportunities for a soaking rain even the threat of severe storms, the quiet out there in old city. 52 the high today, 63. above average for this time of year. it's still 42 in the poconos, 52
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in allentown. 41 degrees in millville. wind speeds, calm to the north and west. you can see an eight miles an hour wind out of the south in philadelphia. at warm wind for us, tomorrow another beautiful day after low temperatures in the 40's. in some 30's it's going to be getting warmer. we have a bonus day, that's tomorrow, before tomorrow night. when this area of low pressure moves in the great lakes, taps into moisture and brings rounds of heavy rain and gusty winds in the philadelphia for monday into tuesday. we'll talk more about this and the next stormy after coming up with the seven-day forecast. iain, sending it back to you. sad update to a story we told you about last night. new jersey state police say a 14-year-old boy died after an atv accident. it happened around 3:00 in the afternoon on friendship road in southampton township. one of the atvs lost control and hit another one. the boy driving one of the
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four-wheelers identified as nicholas cunningham died at the scene, passenger and the other driver were taken to cooper in camden but expected to be ok three teenage girls will head to trial to face charges related to the death of 16-year-old amy joiner francis died after being assaulted inside a wilmington high school bathroom. joiner francis had a preexisting heart condition and the stress of that assault was a contributing factor in her death. only one of the teen defendants has been charged with criminally negligent homicide. new developments resolving around michael flynn, speaking fees from russia and other income that he initially disclosed to the white house, garrett tenney explains what it means from washington. >> yesterday the white house released two financial disclosure forms filed by michael flynn first in february when he was still in the administration, that showed
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going back to 2014 flynn earned more than $1.3 million for his consulting work and speeches. what it didn't include, which was listed on an amended filing he submitted friday. is paid speeches that he gave for three separate russian companies including the kremlin state sponsored network rt. congressional investigators disclosed flynn was paid over $67,000 for the speeches. this morning on cnn state of the union, congressman adam shift who's the top democrat on the house intelligence committee said there may still be to more connections to russia flynn left out >> we have requested the background security documents that general flynn filled out to find out whether he failed to disclose work that he was doing as a financial agent of a foreign power or receiving father support. >> reporter: while schiffand others are calling for all a an investigation.
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fox news senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said that would be a mistake because the committee is conduct its own investigation >> we got a bipartisan underway. we don't need yet another investigation, we know the fbi is looking at it. from their perspective. it's being handled appropriately and it will be handled well. >> reporter: next week the senate intelligence committee has a number of interviews scheduled and we'll be hearing from the analysts who put the reports together on russia's election med elling. . the veterans affairs is coming to delaware. secretary david david shulkin is set to meet tomorrow and hold a round table discussion, shulkin was nominated by donald trump and confirmed in february.
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bill cosby will be back in court tomorrow in montgomery county. prosecutors want to use not only his testimony about getting quaaludes to give women but also his 1991 rifts in a book and in an tv interview. in a court filing thursday, prosecutors in montgomery county said his comments show familiarity with date rape drugs and they should not be dismissed as merelily jokes. a burning boat miles away, what do you do? did you see that? a pun all over the road, the driver said he was texting. then he hit a church bus. got your attention, a bad storm strikes and people at a wal-mart make a run. this guy wants his trumpet back. and the reason is heartbreaking.
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tragic accidents in roxboro left a woman dead and a man injured. police say a car was driving overnight when it hit a deer. the car slammed into a utility pole. that fell and cut the car in half. a 22-year-old woman was taken to einstein medical center where she was pronounced dead. another man, 27 years old, had to go to a hospital but expected
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to be ok. a chicago teen was charged this weekend with crimes that left the superintendent of police stunned. a group of teen boys attacked a girl and streamed it live on facebook and to make matters worse, no one called police. fox's brian llenas has details. >> reporter: chicago authorities issuing a warrant for the arrest of another teenage boy following a sexual assault streamed live on facebook. investigators looking for 15-year-old male. >> the young man responsible they should be ashamed. they've humiliated themselves, humiliated their families and now they're going to be held accountable for what they did. >> reporter: the charges stem from the squall of a 15-year-old last month. police say multiple videos of the attack were made including the version streamed liver on the social network. 40 people watched the assault live. and nobody notified authorities >> we've seen a couple of acts
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in this city now in the last few months involving social media. and it just disgusts me that people would look at those videos and not pick up the phone and dial 911. >> reporter: the latest warrant coming as police announce the first charges. a 14-year-old male is accused of aggravated criminal sexual assault and making and disseminating child pornography >> the victim knew one of the offenders and so i don't want to go too much in detail but she -- i'm going to say she was lured to the residence and from there, she was not allowed to leave and she didn't consent to what occurred. >> reporter: further charges are expected against others including an adult. police say the attack involved five or six males. in new york, brian llenas, fox news. new york's mayor says a man stabbed to death by a sword wielding man should be a symbol of the fight against racism. he was mayor bill di blasio
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message as he spoke at the funeral for timothy kaufman. he was alone and collecting bottles for recycling. friend and family remember him as a friendly man who taught neighborhood kids how to box. >> he'll talk to anyone on the street. and he had a huge heart and loved his family. >> authorities say the suspect james harris supremist who took a bus to new york to target black males. the army veteran is being held without bail on charges of murder as a hate crime. atlanta will be putting $10 million in an emergency federal funds to work so drivers can get around at part of interstate 85 that collapsed after a fire.
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release funding will be used to restore emergency access and begin the most critical repairs in the next few weeks. the governor of georgia says the state is mobilizing resources to try to keep traffic disruption to a minimum while the emergency work continues. a boat carrying five people erupted in flames, incredibly all five people are alive thanks to someone who came to their rescue before the coast guard to get there. here's fox's evan lambert. >> reporter: when charter boat cptain david bick el heard a call about a boat on fire he knew if he was close there was no question he would help >> if i was to go out there and get in trouble i would hope somebody would help me. >> reporter: he spoke to us from dixie county, he says he plugged in coordinates and realized his charter boat was less than 30 miles. his first meat.
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it took him about 40 minutes to reach the boat covered in flames >> the whole upper decks were gone, it was pretty much just the whole boat, and it was fire from >> this from the coast guard shows the 74-foot fishing boat burning, he said the voters told him motor trouble led to a fire that raged. they had ten minutes to escape before the whole boat burst into flames. >> they got off no wallets, half of them didn't have shoes. pretty much lost everything they had on the boat >> bick el and his crew loaded the stranded voters from a rescue raft into his vote and took them the 60 or so miles safely back to port. bick el said he never once second guessed his decision to >> people in the water, you
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know, dire need, there was no question >> incredible stuff despite being shaken up all the fishermen were ok. the boat, however, is a total loss. good news now for locals looking to work down the shore this summer. the philadelphia inquirer reports that fewer international students have been applying for the seasonal positions in ocean city creating more chances for locals to get in on the jobs. ocean city businesses usually hire workers to start mid june and can expect to make more than minimum wage. a new jersey tax proposal that offers tax credits to organ donors can face opposition from the feds, it would give residents $1,000 in income tax credits for donating organs and a hundred dollars tax credit for donating blood. critics worry tax breaks could entice the families of dead donors to drive to neighboring states to get the benefit or create a black market. this guy just wants his trumpet back. the reason is heartbreaking.
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did you see that? a pickup all over the road. driver says he was texting then hit a church bus. bad storm strikes and people in a wal-mart make a run for it.
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possible tornado represents rips through southern louisiana killing a mother and three-year-old daughter. two were inside the trailer when the storm hit. home flipped because of the heavy winds, witnesses say the child's father just stepped out to go to the grocery store and got back to find the bodies. the same severe weather system caught people off guard in a wal-mart parking lot: that
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strike came dangerously close to shoppers, witnesses say a tornado was seen near the area about the same time, thankfully no one wart. in texas, the investigation into that deadly church bus crash continues this weekend as the first victims were are being laid to rest. witnesses reported seeing a white pickup truck. one driver said it kept driving into oncoming traffic and veered back and forth at least 15 minutes, his passenger took video, the truck eventually crossed over the yellow line and slammed into the bus carrying members of the first baptist church killing 13 people, returning from a retreat. many might ask the question, why would god allow this to happen? i can't answer that question. but i'm confident of god's perfect plan. >> the 20-year-old driver of the truck survived and is now in the
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hospital. the driver told a witness that he was texting and driving. investigators haven't filed any charges yet. a new report finds hackers can access your network and devices through your light bulbs. the new york post is reporting experts found as a rule in her abilities in kia's new smart bulbs, they can get into these and grind the internet to a halt across the world. they launch add $12 smart light bulb. and the company is looking into the problem. this guy wants his trumpet back. the reason is heartbreaking. kathy, going to need the keep the umbrella handy >> there's one day that you will not need the umbrella. coming up i'll show you which day that is wedding drama, this guy wants to marry his laptop to prove a point.
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in reading a vacant white house warehouse went up fe flames, the fire broke out at 9:30 on the 200 block of south 11th. nobody was hurt. it took several hours and fire companies to get the flames under control. no word on what started the fire. the city of brotherly love is home to the museum of american revolution, only museum dedicated to the nation's fight for independence. rare pieces of history, some never before on public display are showcased at this museum in old city. the revolution was fought before the invention of the camera, so
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the museum turned to modern technology bring exhibits to life with more than a dozen theaters and interactive exhibits allowing visitors to experience the battles and tools used to fight. >> many places that serve the preserve a portion of it. a battlefield, tavern, a home, this is place that gives the whole story. and given that this is the most important event in our history, it's really remarkable that it has taken this long. >> this museum will cost you $19 to get in. it will be open daily after the grand opening on april 19th. which is, by the way, the anniversary of the start of the revolutionary war. detroit man is hoping to make music again but he's missing his trumpet. here's what happened. he had his instrument in his car. he took some stuff to donate to the salvation army but one of the workers accidently took the trumpet. sadly the salvation army said someone bought it for 150 bucks,
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but it's worth $3,000. he wants the trumpet back >> it's so hard so hard to tell somebody what this horn means, you can't describe it. if you don't play the horn, you can't understand the pain, you can understand how much a part of that instrument is part of you. >> the trumpet was a gift from his late father and had been in his family years, he said he'd gladly pay double or triple the 150 to get it back. he's also considering offering a reward. here's a weird one out of utah. a federal judge refuses to toss out a lawsuit filed by a guy who wants to marry his commuter. chris severe said the move is in protest to same sex marriage. he's allowing him to file an amended claim but attorney
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general's office said computers can't consent to marriage and wants it dismissed kathy orr back with severe weather >> we're talking about lots of rounds of rain, incidentally about the computer, computer can't keep you warm at night. laptop just can't do that. right? no hug there is. you can see in old city, looking good. dry, comfortable if you step outside. we do have a storm system brewing through the southern plains with a tornado outbreak, all this moving, this will tap in to more moisture from the golf and move to the delaware valley, we're talking about few rounds of heavy rain, it's pretty mild, we have a wind out of the west. temperature 52 in philadelphia, 55 in trenton and wrightstown 50. reading and lancaster 50. severe weather weather ahead of it the low will go to the great lakes. you can see towards western new york and bring all of this
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moisture up the coastal plains, we're talking about a half to inch of rain, the rain or i should say the clouds lifting in patchy then thicken up. by 8:00, 9:00, the rain moves in. by midnight heavy and that goes into the early morning rush, by 4:00, 5:00, spotty showers, then we could be seeing breaks in the over cast during the afternoon. if that happens, more showers will be bubbling up for tuesday afternoon and that would mean heavy downpour. some places could get more rain. this is the early estimate through the most of the to an e delaware valley. once again, late monday night and through the day on tuesday. it will not be rain, all the time everywhere. the winds will be picking up by tuesday, early in the morning, 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m., 40 miles an hour gust, i95 corridor 38 miles an hour in philadelphia. from the south, it will be warm
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tuesday and windy but definitely will be wet then by the evening, westerly winds kick in. gusting to to 20, 30 miles an hour and by wednesday morning you still have that westerly wind gusting about 20. here are flooding concern, monday, into tuesday, and another round of rain thursday into friday. two rounds of moderate to heavy rain this week of the soil is saturated and our basins are running high because of the heavy rain that fell friday. flooding definitely a concern as we go through the week. the only day without rain is going to be wednesday. overnight, 45 in philadelphia. 37 the poconos, 41 degrees in reading, 41 in lancaster. during the day, we start off with sun increasing clouds and they will thicken up. high temperature going for 66, partly sunny mild day and southerly winds moving in. check out the seven-day. we do have rain during the day tomorrow. it will be tomorrow night. tomorrow a dry day, then the rain on tuesday, that one dry
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day wednesday, thursday and friday rain again then we'll dry it out for saturday and sunday. the phils home opener friday, it doesn't look like a lot we'll keep you updated. saturday and sunday looking good. saturday's high 58. sunday 63. but that's a week away already. we'll send it over to you. >> thank you. want to congratulate all of those part of a successful donor dash in philadelphia. thousands runners raised along the philadelphia museum of art. there was a 10k, 5k, a walk, there was something for all level, a lot of fox 29 personalities out there for the gift of life donor dash helps raise awareness, fox 29 is proud to partner with gift of life for this event. that will do it on the fox 29 news at 10:00, good day starting at 4:00 a.m. we're excited to welcome mike jerrick back
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tomorrow morning. keep it here for sports sunday. this is fox 29 sports sunday. opening day for the phillies less than 24 hours away and we're breaking everything down tonight. jeremy hellickson talks about his goal for the season and phillies kevin cony projects where the phillies will fall in the east. the cardinal tar heels are on the virtue of rehe did he mean shun. coach explains why this thing started 363 days ago. all of that and more coming on next on sports sunday.


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